Thank You All!

The reviews are starting to come in about The Law of Moses. I am humbled and thrilled with what has been said.

“I started reading it and I’ll tell ya…kinda hard to put down!”

“Catching…easy to follow”

“I only have one problem…I have a hard time waiting for the next book!”

“I like Sam!”

“A great read!”

“Like it, no I LOVE IT!”

“Had company this week and I would sneak away as often as I could to read another chapter.”

“You got me hooked!”

“I really like it, can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“A really good story…”

“I hope Sam breaks out of his shell and learns to like himself again.”

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One thought on “Thank You All!

  1. Helen

    I have enjoyed all of Kwens books and they are very interesting. I chose Kwens books because Kwen is a very good friend and I wanted to see what he was writing. From the time I pick his books up until I read the last page I do not want to put them down. This author is very good and I do not say that because he is my friend but because he has a way of describing every thing so you feel that you are right there and you can visualize Kwens books!

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