For Christmas, I Got a Blog

About three weeks before Christmas my middle daughter Emily asked me what I wanted.  Without putting much thought into the question, I simply said, “How about a book that will help me become a better writer.”

I was thinking she would get me a reference book on verbs, adverbs and nouns; you know all the stuff they used to sing about on that Saturday morning cartoon.  A book I would refer to from time to time but would mostly sit on my shelf to impress visitors to my office. 

Christmas came and my gift from Emily and Chris (her husband) was a book titled “642 Things To Write About.”  The book is compiled by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.  It is a book with 642 different topics and ideas to write about.

I don’t think Emily and Chris knew it, but they gave me the perfect gift. 

For the past year I have wanted to write a blog.  I wanted it to be fun but not silly; informative but not preachy and interesting but not overly political.  By my lack of entries, it’s easy to see I had not had much luck.

All that changed with my gift. I am going to follow the book and blog on each subject as it is presented.  Here’s the first topic:


What Can Happen In A Second (SFWG)

It may be just how my mind works but most things that happen in under a second, suck.  Check these out:

An American Coup – Assuming Oswald did it, his bullet travelled from the muzzle of his Carcano rifle to Kennedy in under a second.  A new administration takes over and a new President is sworn in.

The destruction of a city – On August 6th 1945, the atomic bomb “Little Boy”, is dropped on Hiroshima and an estimated 70,000 people are vaporized in under a second.  In most books, it’s referred to as “instantly”.  I think that counts.

The only good occurrence I found is baseball – A fast ball gets to the batter in under a second. 

It seems to me most things in life worth admiring take longer than a second.  I offer as evidence the birth of a monarch butterfly.  Ever wonder how long it takes it to free itself from its chrysalis?

Seven to nine days and I believe, worth every minute of the wait.

I hope you enjoy checking out my blog from time to time.  It took me less than a second to decide to do this but it will take much longer to cover the topics.  Time will tell if me efforts are a bomb or a butterfly.

P.S. Each topic from the book will be annotated with (SFWG) to indicate the original idea.  My own ideas will not carry such a mark.


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4 thoughts on “For Christmas, I Got a Blog

  1. LaRene Chambers

    A new year a new begging of new ideas of completing new ideas from last year…..
    I’m excited to follow your blog….an insight to your successes and accomplishments……but one question…I have tried several times to do the steps just right to add my email so as to get updated posts….it says to check my email for confirmation and click the accept, or something along those lines…..but I have never received the email???
    Hope you and family had a pleasant Christmas Day …… My day here was far to short, but nice, just wish I would not have had to return to work the next day! So busy at the hospital this time of year…..deductibles have been met and people cramming those last minute surgeries in that won’t cost them as much…..too old to keep up the pace anymore:/ But I plug on…..GRANDKIDS to spoil, and can’t do that without ‘$’
    My oldest son Brian called me night before last and told me they were taking a vacation….(which typically I then take time off work to watch the kids)… But this is going to be a ‘family’ vacation and wanted to know if I would like to go with them…..”where are you going” DISNEY WORLD! FLORIDA!!! Are you kidding me???? “When” first week of April ….. Oh yeah…my name went in the vacation book first thing the next morning at work!!!! Flights have been booked and plans underway for a FUN week those kids! Just thought I would share some fun good news with you:) I’m excited! So my new year starts out exciting and something to look forward to!
    Today…new years day….it is now 3:45 pm….sitting here in my recliner still in my jammies listening to Christmas music (cause I hate the shows my husband chooses to watch ‘the walking dead marathon’) I was up most of the night with a hacky cough……took so many different kinds of whatever I could think of to calm the cough so I could sleep… I really don’t have much of a cough, but I’m pretty druggy and tired….don’t feel like doing anything! Was going to go to Preston today to the cemetery, that’s not going to happen now…it’s been 6 years today dad died……
    You have a great New Year my friend! Sounds as though you have many ideas to keep you busy and to entertain us!


    Sent from my iPad


    • Kwen D Griffeth

      WordPress should send you the confirmation email automatically. Have you checked your spam box?

      • LaRene Chambers

        Sorry friend…just saw your reply….I still have not seen a confirmation email:(

  2. LaRene Chambers

    News Flash….I think I’ve got it taken care of now:)

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