It’s Not a Real Book

IMG_2552I have to smile at people sometimes.  They ask me, “You’ve published a book?”

I reply, “Yes, four of them now.”

“Who’s your publisher?”

“Amazon, I self-publish.”

“Oh, so they’re not real books.”

Thirty years ago, a comment like that would have resulted in one of us getting hurt.

Twenty years ago, the comment would have led to pushing and shoving.

Ten years ago, loud and abusive language would have been heard.

Today, maybe that was what the monks said when Guttenberg showed them the press for the first time.

“Oh, you didn’t write it out by hand?  It’s not a real book.”

Digital books are the books of the future and self-publishers are here to stay.  I could spend the next years of my life getting rejection letters and what would that prove?  That I’m too dumb to quit?

I choose to self-publish and let the public decide if I write well enough to be successful or not.  So far, while it has been slow, it seems to work.  I actually have readers asking me when my next book is coming out.

I like that.

So, with them in mind let me announce, “A Higher Calling, Laura’s Tale” is expected to be out by the Fourth of July.

Laura is busy getting proper for her appearance but she wanted me to share with you the gown she will be wearing.  She has chosen a blue, full bodied, full length gown, trimmed in black.  She and I hope you approve.

Between now and this summer, if you haven’t read “The Law of Moses” now would be the time to get the book.  If you have it, you may want to reread it.

Please, don’t forget “The Ghost in the Mini skirt.” We are trying to raise money to support breast cancer research.  Please buy that book, follow us on Face Book and our blog.  Tell all your friends about the effort.  Thank you

Here’s a photo of Laura’s gown.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not a Real Book

  1. There are still people around who laugh at people who try and do things publicly and fail…also publicly. They laugh from their well rounded couch with a mouthful of Doritos and whilst scratching themselves.
    They don’t matter.

  2. Kwen D Griffeth

    Today is overcast and my dogs are sleeping at my feet. I’ve got a few hours at the house and about three weeks worth of writing I want to do. I was staring at my computer screen somewhat punch drunk and not knowing where to start. Then, I saw and read your comment. You put a smile on my face, cleared the cobwebs from my head and turned up the desire I have to write. Thank you.

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