“Ain’t right. Bushy was a good man. Ain’t right burying him with this trash.”

West looked at the man who had all the characteristics of a teamster.

“Did you know this man?” West motioned to Bushy.

“Course I know’d him. He hailed from St. Louis. Still has a daughter back there, I think. He was a good man. Most of the mines in these parts wouldn’t have gear and food if it weren’t for Bushy and men like him. It ain’t right the marshal sticking him in the ground with those two thieves and killers.”

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“What is the matter with you? We do not need his money!”

She stood behind him; her hands on her hips. “It’s not about the money.”

His voice was calm. He could have told her what day of the week it was with the same level of excitement. “Then why? Why must you go back and try to get yourself killed? You have responsibilities here!”

Sam stopped brushing and seemed ready to turn and face her. He then thought better and did not. He returned to brushing the horse.

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“The hawk was created in the image of a hawk. That means he must use violence every day of his life if he wants to eat and live another day. He can never wake up one morning and say to himself, “I no longer wish to eat mice and snakes; I want to eat seeds and nuts like the cardinal. No, he cannot do this and why? Because he was created in the image of a hawk.”

“I don’t see…”

“Sam, I know your father taught you this, but you have forgotten. The hawk was created in the image of a hawk. What image were you created in?”

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“Dear Emma.”

I looked at Ben, “This is a note to Emma?”

He nodded, “Yes it came a little while ago.”

“Go ahead, read the note.”

I pulled the note out of the envelope Slowly, reverently I unfolded the note. I read: “Do not fear, we’ll be together soon” “Love, OXOX”

“Who is this from? I don’t understand. Ben, this looks like a note of reunion and happiness.”

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Jack was a genius. He had been tested. He knew it; everyone knew it.

Jack was logical. Jack knew it was impossible to hit a ghost with his car. He managed to get it done.

Jack didn’t believe in spirits or ghosts, so why was this one haunting him in his dreams.

“Save me,” she begged repeatedly. “Save me before it’s too late.”

“The Ghost In The Mini Skirt” is a murder mystery/ghost story, except to Terri; Terri tells me it is a love story. In fact, Terri tells me it’s her love story.

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Joseph Denton was a man happy with his life. Oh sure, he would do a few things a little different if he had the chance.

If he could get a do over, he would be an architect instead of a pharmacist. It’s not that he doesn’t like being a pharmacist, but he always wanted to design buildings.

If he could do it one more time, he would make it so his wife and he could have kids. He was sure he would enjoy being a father, but his wife would have loved being a mother even more.

More money would be nice; if he could do things over, he would figure out a way to make more money.

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Kellynch_3DJane Austen completed “Persuasion” in August 1816. It was to be her last book.

She left us with the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth and she left them approaching “happily ever after.” What happens the day following “happily ever after?”

The story of Kellynch picks up three years after the couple married and were able to secure the Kellynch estate from Sir Walter and Cousin William Elliot agreed to waive the entailment. It would seem all is well with the young couple, but all is not as it seems.

Kellynch is a story of deceit and treachery as well as courage and overcoming the odds.

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