Vengeance Is Mine


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“The hawk was created in the image of a hawk. That means he must use violence every day of his life if he wants to eat and live another day. He can never wake up one morning and say to himself, “I no longer wish to eat mice and snakes; I want to eat seeds and nuts like the cardinal. No, he cannot do this and why? Because he was created in the image of a hawk.”

“I don’t see…”

“Sam, I know your father taught you this, but you have forgotten. The hawk was created in the image of a hawk. What image were you created in?”

Sam whispered, “God, I was created in the image of God.”

The Amish elder smiled, “Yes, you were created in the image of God and as such you were granted the ability to choose. You can choose to do right or wrong, good or bad, be peaceful or violent. You can even choose to eat mice and snakes if you like.”




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Reader Reviews


I just finished this book and I was equally impressed with it as I have all of the other books you have written.
I loved the way this book started because it jumped right in and kept you wondering the entire time. I loved the ending because this book was a great example of how life is a challenge and if we are determined and willing to work at what we want there are ways to make it possible. Yes it takes a lot of hard work and determination but nothing is impossible. Thank You for writing such great books! I will be waiting for the next one to come out. Helen
By LaRene 
Incredible ending to a wonderful series!
Full of hate, love, determination to make a better life….a commitment and dedication not many of us have to improve our lives…to rise above the trials and struggles and heartaches and pain we have and become a better person…..
Thank you once again my friend for an incredible talent you have to entertain us yet to teach us what is important in life, that it does take dedication, commitment and determination, motivation and hard work to achieve a better life

wow! what a great book! i loved every aspect of it, the story, the action, the setting, the surprises, and i think the reason is because of the people and their interaction with one another. you get involved with each of their lives and become emotionally connected so it becomes a journey for you as well as them. thank you kwen, AGAIN!!!!


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